I'm sure everyone who believes that Moffat is the WORST THING EVER to happen to Doctor Who will be picking things apart soon enough, but I'm going the route of ignoring them (aside from wondering why they're still watching the series if they've come to hate it so very much. Turning it off worked wonderfully for me with the X-Files, Stargate Universe, AND the entire SyFy Channel.) and reminding myself that different people view things in different ways.

Eh, let"s just lock down everything that might be construed as a spoiler from this point on.Collapse )

So, that's my fabulously rambling thoughts on The Time of the Doctor.

I should probably put together a general life update, but I'm thinking I might go find some food first because food is always a win. Also, I've apparently been on a tear of rereading all the Redwall books lately and, wow, but I'd forgotten how much I love them.

Hope everyone had an awesome set of holidays and here's hoping good things keep going and the bad things GO AWAY in 2014!
The ending to An Adventure in Space and Time has me currently crying ALL THE TEARS. I'm not going to post any spoilers here, but it's beautiful and funny and sad and has a remarkably bittersweet ending with a delightful surprise at the end that had me laughing and crying at the same time.

I hope everyone involved with this movie is justifibly proud of themselves.

...and I'd really seriously be okay with the Doctor showing up right now to give me a big hug and tell me that everything's okay and that William Hartnell was happy at the end.

Y'know...if he can find the time to. He's a busy man.


So, I'm perusing the Books of Face as I am occasionally wont to do, and I discover this particular little news item:

Sweet 90's Nostalgia: ReBoot is Being Rebooted For TV!

I think my girl Rainbow Dash is the only one who can adequately express my reaction to this news:

(Also, has anyone else noticed that when you type a pony's name into the Youtube search bar, it comes up in said pony's signature colors?)

So, yes, a ReBoot reboot might lead to a mass fan outcry of They Changed It, Now It Sucks, but surely I can live in a bit of hope in the meanwhile, right?

And maybe this time we'll get a less bitchy fandom with more maturity and less backstabbing?




(bursts into loud, hysterical laughter)

Oh man, that's a good one! Hee! Maturity from ReBoot fandom? (wiping away laugh-tears)Oh, I crack me up. Well, hopefully the series'll be worth watching at any rate.

Oct. 2nd, 2013

I'm bored, I'm drifting, and it's past time to move on. I'm just not sure to what, but I'm miserable where I am.

And I'm pretty much feeling like people only notice me these days to tell me everything I'm screwing up or just pretend to care in order to manipulate me into doing something that they want. Either way, that tells me it's time to go somewhere else.

Not like I'll really be missing anything if I do.

Kind of an odd dream, really...

So, I had an oddly coherent and ordered dream wherein the Doctor was having a fairly friendly chat with a girl that he met and rescued from a random dangerous incident involving alien badness. He asked her if she was all right afterwards, and was somewhat startled to have her dissolve into a crying mess about something that seemed to have nothing to do with the life-threatening circumstances from whence he had extracted her so, being the very kind person that he is, he took her for coffee, asked her what was wrong and tehn proceeded to begin consoling after what she reveals is a fairly dramatic and horrific breakup.

Had I recently been having any sort of relationship drama whatsoever (which I am so not and likely never will again because dating? Who needs it? Bleh.) or bore any resemblence to this girl in the slightest, it'd make some sense, but...yeah. Totally random and baffling on this end.

But, yeah, the Doctor was amazingly kind and funny in the right proportions, and was clearly a great comfort to the girl, who really, really needed a friend at that moment, so it was really a very NICE dream.

Maybe my subconcious just really wants to have a bit of a nice friendly chat with the Doctor and feels that one can't do so if the circumstances aren't somewhat dire?

Too bad. I imagine he's quite good at the random, friendly chats. And he also probably gives fantastic hugs if you're feeling just a bit lonely.
I posted a comment on a political news story predicting the vitrol, mindless spewing of Fox News talking points, name-calling, "clever" insults to both liberals and the Obama administration, and slew of horrific spelling and grammar to come.

And then every attack on my comment? Was the exact type of attack I'd predicted in the original comment.

Is it wrong that I want to cackle gleefully and exclaim, "Dance, my puppets, DANCE!"?

And if that's wrong, do I really wanna be right?

We don't learn, do we?

I was watching a thing on the Science Channel earlier about how we would deal with visitation by a hypothetical alien species whilst reading up on the situation in Boston, including all of the fabulously racist anti-Islam crap and all about how the terrorists are out to get us and all Muslims can't be trusted and need to be deported immediately.

We can't seem to even handle variations amongst our own species, how the fuck would we handle first contact with nonhuman sentients?

Shit. Forget finding intelligent life on other planets. I'm despairing of even finding it here.

Note to Self:

Self...you do not have the resources OR the know-how to create music videos. You KNOW THIS perfectly well.

So, why on earth are you STILL plotting out an all-eras Doctor Who video to Back In Time in your head? It's not gonna happen, self! Stop!

Besides, there are probably already fifty million horrifically goopy ones for Rose and Ten already out there. I haven't had the strength to look, but most of the fangirls who worship the almighty Rose/Ten ship (bleh!) tend to forget that Doctors existed before the Ninth one.


Nunavut Animation Lab: Qalupalik by Ame Papatsie, National Film Board of Canada

I've noticed a growing facination with Inuit folklore for a while now, and things like this just make me want to learn more about it. I've read up a bit on some of the deities, mostly touched off by the discovery of Sedna a few years back, but recently it's come back with a vengence.

Anyone know of any good resources for Inuit folklore and mythology? Or decent books written on the subject or whatnot?

No. Shut up. You are stupid and wrong.

The NRA apparently feel that they haven't been vile enough in recent days, so they chose to release ads informing us that the President is an "elitist hypocrite" for having a Secret Service detail to protect his children.

Y'know...I don't believe that President Obama's children are more important or precious than any other children on this Earth, but I do believe that they are the children of a very high-profile public official who has already fielded a rather large and disturbing number of death treats from unhinged loonies who I think would have absolutely no trouble attacking his family.

As such, those are children under a rather realistic level of danger, and, consequently, having them protected by armed Secret Service agents JUST MAKES SENSE. After all, why do you put an emergency chemical shower in a chemistry lab rather than a library? Because, while you might have some risk of getting hit by caustic chemicals while researching for your history paper, it's a hell of a lot more likely when you're in the place where the caustic chemicals actually live.

But, then again, I'm one of those gun control advocates who would never even allow a gun into my house because guns actually frighten me, so I suppose that makes me a monster who hates freedom, right?

Hey, Wayne LaPierre already established that anyone who's mentally ill is a monster, y'know!

Just...fuck these guys.

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